Further conspicuous international design prizes:


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Magazine PrizeSoftware PrizeMan's Fashion PrizeWomens' Fashion Prize
Names PrizeIndustrial PrizeDAD PrizeBrief Prize
Legends PrizeSymposium PrizeInteriors PrizeArtistic Works Prize
Blue Goods PrizeFashion PrizeGraphic PrizeOrganization Prize
Good PrizeIntelligent PrizeInteractive PrizePackaging Prize
Photography PrizeScientific PrizeStructure PrizeTechnical Drawing Prize
Textile PrizeWeb Master PrizeTypography PrizeHouseware Prize
Magazine PrizeItalian PrizeJournal PrizeAward Prize
Greatest Artists PrizeIndicator of Good Design PrizePortfolios PrizeResidency Prize
Architecture Projects PrizeLandscape PrizeBaby Products PrizeAcademical Prize
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